Graduate Certificate


This certificate is designed for graduate students in all disciplines and for professionals seeking an advanced education in geographic information systems, mapping science, and applications. Students should consult with the graduate certificate advisor prior to registering for any courses. Regulations require students maintain a minimum 3.00 GPA in all graduate-level work undertaken at NIU in order to remain in good standing.

Course work from the following (16-18):

GEOG 503*,  Soil Geography and Land Use Planning (3)
GEOG 532*,  Geography of Health (3)
GEOG 556*,  Foundations of Mapping (3)
GEOG 557*,  Foundations of GIS (3)
GEOG 558*,  Geovisualization (3)
GEOG 559*,  Geographic Information Systems (3)
GEOG 560*,  Remote Sensing of the Environment (3)
GEOG 564*,  Location Analysis (3)
GEOG 567*,  Workshop in Cartography (3)
GEOG 568*,  Workshop in GIS (3)
GEOG 593*,  Computer Methods and Modeling (1-3)
GEOG 602J,  Internship: Methods and Techniques (1-3),
                   OR GEOG 602K, Internship: Mapping/Geovisualization (1-3)
GEOG 656,  GIS Design and Data (3)
GEOG 659,  Regional Planning (3)
GEOG 660,  Advanced Spatial Analysis (3)
GEOG 665,  Advanced Field Methods (3-6)
GEOG 690,  Community Geography (3)
GEOG 760,  Advanced Geospatial Science (3)
GEOG 771J, Independent Research: Methods and Techniques (1-3)
                  OR GEOG 771K, Independent Research:
                  Mapping/Geovisualization (1-3)
GEOG 790J, Seminar in Current Problems: Methods and Techniques (1-3)                   OR GEOG 790K, Seminar in Current Problems:
                  Mapping/Geovisualization (1-3)

* Not available for credit to students who have taken the equivalent courses in the certificate of undergraduate study in geographic information systems, or as requirements for an undergraduate degree; other course work within the certificate should be substituted.

For more information please contact the GIA Certificate Advisor.